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The things I like to do when I am bored


My cats

My cats seem to want to climb on every side in my house, just now I had to get one of my cats of the kitchen side.. It makes no sense as to why they want to lay on hard furniture it can’t be very comfortable. But to my cats if I’m not allowed to lay on the table or on the kitchen side neither are you.




The is a very large seagull on my balcony and it looked right at me, I was half expecting it to fly into the house and eat me.. I’m not really sure why o.O but anyway it’s really big and just sitting there not making any noises, I’m gonna go give it some bread 😀


My favourite things to do on Facebook

This post is a bit random but I thought I’d let you know the things I enjoy most on Facebook. I enjoy writing status’ such as “like for a rate” or “like for looks” I only like to do it through inbox though as it gives me a chance to talk to people I might not normally talk to, in fact I have a friend called Elliot but we stopped talking but when he liked my status we started talking again and have been ever since he liked it. I enjoy talking to people on Facebook as you probably already guessed. I think the thing I like to do the most is watch funny videos such as ‘best vines videos’ and ‘Jamie’s world’ these always make me laugh. so there you have it, all the things I like to do on Facebook.



One of my favourite stars was found dead last night. Cory Monteith was best known from his role in glee; he played Finn. When  I was 13 I went to see glee live it was a great day spent with my mum. Cory was loved by many people, my Facebook is full of people showing how much they loved him and there are pictures of him with the people he loved. It’s so sad that he’s gone, he was great at what he did and I just want to say that he will be missed and mourned, I also feel for those he was close to… R.I.P Cory



I just wanted to say how proud I am of my Aunt, she ran the race for life today (a 5 kilometer run aka 3 miles) in 30 minutes but sadly no one was there to cheer her on or be there when she finished as they went to the view and not watch her run. She did really well today and in my opinion it shouldnt go unnoticed, so well done Aunty Kathryn!!


My day

I had a day off school yesterday and today but no need to worry I feel better now still a bit ill but nothing to worry about anyway my dad said that if I didn’t clean my room yesterday I would be grounded today which I was but not anymore because I cleaned my room but I probably wouldn’t have if my dad hadn’t taken my phone. I was fine with taking everything else I own just not my phone so I cleaned my room. The rest of my day was my rather uneventful I helped my dad with the washing up and screamed while running away because I touched so gooey pancake stuff it was HORRIBLE!! I can still feel it on my hand. It reminds me of the time I had a bug fly into my hair at the fair and it really stunk and I could still smell it even after I washed my hands and my hair, the smell just wouldnt go o.O

My laptop is broken, well one of the keys are broken but it is still broken sadtimes 😦 so I will have to nag my dad about that. Anyway I will have to love you and leave you. In a bit blud



I never really know what to say on here that’s why I don’t post much but I think I’m getting better but I’m not really sure :/. My dad posts a lot so I guess I should too, or at least more often than I have been. Whenever I do post I’m left with lovely comments from all you lovely people so that’s a booster knowing what I write isn’t complete rubbish 😉 so thankyou for that, it really is kind of you and I really do appreciate it. I guess this post is a kind of thankyou really to all the amazing people who are quick to comment, like and follow whenever I post so its nice to know I haven’t been forgotten. I will try to post more, but if I don’t please don’t hate me, hate the stuff I do after school that leaves me getting home at gone 9:00pm. I never really know how to end these, it really is a lot easier on Facebook hehe so goodbye but not for long… Farrah out!!



Went swimming today, it was great fun except when my friend made laugh and I started choking, I thought I was going to die :/. We ran out of 20p’s so we had to leave our stuff in the locker unlocked, it was scary but nothing was taken so it was okay. Later on my friends (<< Matt, Amy and Jasmine) came round my house and we made pancakes, well Matt made pancakes.

When Matt and Amy had to go me and Jasmine met up with Dylan and Courtney and we had McDonald’s, Jasmine went home a little while later so me, Dylan and Courtney went to the beach but we got cold so we went to my house and played black ops, (<< however you spell it) zombies, kinodetotent (<< don’t know how to spell that either sorry) and it was fun but Courtney and Dylan had to go so now I’m writing a blog post about the ups and downs of my eventful day, so yeah I hope you enjoyed 🙂



Are people stupid or just not very smart or intelligent? can people become smart? because no matter how hard i try im not getting any smarter. I think my dad thinks i pretend to be cofused because he asked me discretely if i pretend not to understand. My brother talks to me like im stupid and so does my mum. my friend thinks i need an idiots guide for everything and i know she doesnt mean it but it hurts becasue i know im not smart so when people remind me of that it upsetts me, even though they dont mean to they still do but i dont tell them i just let it slide. I cant tell my dad this is how i feel because i know whar he’ll say “well try to focuos more because sometimes i have to repeat something over and over again and you still dont understand” but nobody understands what it’s like to be the stupid one from a family of smart people and all i want is to be smart like them because i cant remeber the last time someone in my family called me smart.